Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ll is for Lego and Mm is for Monsters

I haven’t been taking pictures of our preschool curriculum through the holidays.  Things just got overwhelming and keeping up with the pictures was just more than I could do for a while.  We have been plugging along through the alphabet and we are now happily on Ll and Mm just in time for Logan’s Monster 5th birthday party! 

There are SO many resources for curriculum that has to do with Legos and Monsters for the letters Ll and Mm that I couldn’t help but post for your enjoyment, even if I didn’t take pictures of our lego and monster adventures for this week.  Winking smile

Ll is for Lego resources:

Lego Lapbook from Walking by the Way

A great lego counting idea from Pinterest

This great starting early addition and subtraction worksheet from The Kent Chronicles (If your child isn’t there yet, you could possibly make your own using lego blocks and a scanner.)

Here is an awesome set of Lego Bingo cards from BigDandMe. has a new set of instructions for a cool project that they post each month! 

Mm is for Monsters resources:

Pinned Image

Blow paint monster idea from Pinterest.

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We used a ton of the pages from this free Monster unit study pack at Oopsy Daisy.

Here are some instructions on how to make your own monster toy from Fiskar Crafts.

How to make a Monster Bean Bag Toss from Lil Luna.

Wonderful ideas from Primary Graffiti for having the kids make their own monster and working with descriptive words.


Enjoy!  Smile