Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jim's U-Fish

For one of the girls birthday in our homeschool group, we were all invited to Jim's U-Fish... what a neat little place! It is a fully working farm, with ponies for riding, ponds for fishing, barns for visiting, and all sorts of areas to explore. They even have a whole little house to 'rent' for parties just like these... Here are a few pictures:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dino Days

This is one of those times I forgot my camera. Luckily, between two other mamas on our homeschool group I did get a couple really cute shots of my babies and me on this fun two days set.

We set up the field trip (I say we, but include myself very loosly, as much of this was planned without me because of baby) in a two day set. The first day was a field trip to the Seattle Center, in which, there is this wonderfully huge dinosaur exhibit.

Here is Logan and I... he is sitting in the imprint of a dino foot.

Kids digging up dino bones:

A couple of the critters they have reconstructed:

The bone wall, which Alex thought was the coolest thing ever!

Baby dinosaur in an egg... one of the only intact eggs ever found. This is the reconstruction, but they have a picture of the real egg they found next to it.

Creative treats... Dino lunchables for Dino Days:

Dino Days #2, for this one, we met in a friends backyard for a little 'bone hunt' through their land:
Reading a book on dinos to get us in the mood.

Ready to go Logan??

After the bone hunt, swinging on the rope swing:

Cracking open dino 'eggs' to find the dino bones inside:

And the six mamas that make all of these fun classes possible:

Sarah, Sarah, Heather, Jessica, Val (me), Sarah... yes, we have considered calling our group "I'm with Sarah".

I don't think I could have made it this far with out these ladies as my support. They have been wonderful and I thank god every day for their love and friendship.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Butterflies at the Seattle Center

After doing our butterfly unit last month, Cyan was FASCINATED with the butterflies at the Seattle Center. Her painted ladies that we got flew away the second we openned up their little house. She didn't even get to 'release them'... they flew as fast as they could, right for the sun. She was very dissapointed that we didn't even get pictures of them. So when we went to the Seattle Center for the Dino Days, the butterfly habitat was where she wanted to be all day long.

You can just see the butterfly on Alex's pants. It would not get off and he was afraid to walk cuz he would hurt it. My sweet guy... so we called a helper over to get the beautiful thing off of him so he would be ok to move again.

This is a friends daughters hand... she had two land on her when we were in there... little butterfly whisperer. ;)

Some of these butterflies were beautiful beyond words:

Food Art Week

The first week of school for us this year was food art week. We had lots of fun studying nutrition, baking, coloring food pyramids, and making place mats out of magazine pictures of the foods we love.

More pictures!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

My Little Pony Girl

For birthday and Christmas, we give one gift of 'stuff' and one experience gift.  This year Cyan asked for horseback riding lessons.  It quickly turned into one of her passions.

Here is Cyan at one of her much loved horseback riding lessons.  She has 1 1/2 hours to do all of the things it would take if she had a horse, then ride, and brush them down when they are done.  It is a highlight of each month for her, and she just LOVES to ride.  I am sure there will be more pictures coming of this experience for her, as we will be doing it for a long time.  :)