Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Idioms, Personification, Similes, and Metaphors

Alex is working on phrases and short poems in Language arts this month. So far we have done Idioms and Personification... today is Metaphors. For most of this I have been able to use easy online resources.

For Idioms I found a site that had a few examples of Idioms and then idioms that had lines under them for Alex to fill in the things he thought they meant. It was really interesting when he brought it back to me. If he got confused, he would say the idiom to me, and I would say it back in a sentence for him so he could pull the meaning from the words around it. After going back and forth for a while like this, we started thinking of them as fast as we could and using them in sentences.

For Personification I got some classic personification poems and then asked Alex to write his own personification poem on page 7 from this lesson in Moving Beyond the Page.

This is what Alex wrote:

"The fire licked and lapped the air
It devoured the trees with anger
With a beep and a honk the fire fighters come
to put out the angry flare."

(The entire thing was written by him... so I didn't have him correct the spelling this time.)

Similes will come first, as they are quick and easy, and flow well into metaphors... However the lesson for metaphors was a bit more in depth than these first two. I found several different definitions of metaphor and put them on one page together along with examples showing comparison without 'like or as' such as: "most dictionaries and textbooks" , or examples of giving things a name that are not their own such as: "Your a peach!".

Then I am having Alex write metaphors for each of the definitions that I found, and then to finish, writing his own with the help of page 5 in that same lesson from Moving Beyond the Page.

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