Friday, June 15, 2012

5th Grade Praying Mantis Lapbook


Cyan’s Praying Mantis Lapbook has several pages added.  I used this story starter page and these worksheet pages from, and then a few pages from Homeschool Bin


I simply stapled the pages to the center portion of the lapbook so they worked like a flip up book.


She also made this: Praying Mantis Cutout (remember to print on cardstock!)

Under the pages she had tons of mini books with information on them. 



She did nearly all of the mini books from the Praying Mantis Animal Study Lapbook.





She also added some pictures and captions from our own mantis hatching experience. 

My favorite part of this lapbook was a few days after it was done.  I have a few friends that we gave baby mantis to when we had ours… one of them asked if Cyan could help her kids do a lapbook that was similar.  She was able to tell them ALL about mantis, their lifecycle, what they eat, their body structure.  It was cool to hear how much she retained from doing this project!  That is my favorite part of unit studies… the kids retain SO much!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Praying Mantis Preschool Lapbook

The preschool version was simple yet every time he looks at it he can tell me all sorts of neat things about the mantis.  Here is a walkthrough of his lapbook:


This is the outside of the lapbook. All of these resources were found at under ‘Praying Mantis Animal Lapbook’.


When opened it has pictures from our hatching mantis babies and Logan’s captions which I wrote out under each picture.


The flap in this section has the largest and the smallest mantis fold out.


This section holds the most fold outs.  The anatomy of a mantis, complete with all sections of an insect which goes along with this song:  (To the tune of BINGO)

I am an insect in my life,

and this is what I look like,

two antennae, compound eyes,

one, two, three, four, five, six legs,

Thorax and an abdomen,

and this is what I look like!


The other flaps are what mantis eat, where mantis live,


and the life cycle of a mantis.  (All dictated by Logan, but written by me.)


THe other side has two flaps that are simply named “Fun Facts” and Logan got to add whatever he wanted in there.  We had just watched Kung Fu Panda and the video from here so this is what I got for the first one:



Next up is Cyan’s lapbook for the mantis (5th grade) which is much more detailed, but this one was just a lot of fun!

Art on a June Afternoon


We had some friends over for a fun afternoon of learning about artistic texture.  Cyan drew Samson, our marmalade tabby cat.  She was very proud of her progress!