Thursday, May 3, 2012

Resources for the Praying Mantis unit study

Mantis Clip art for study

I wanted to wait until I had pictures of our Mantis before I posted the resources to the study… but alas. I think our egg cases were duds. 6 weeks now, and we have nothing. Sad smile I will keep them for a few more weeks before sending them out in the wild. They may not be warm enough (68* in our house??) or something may be wrong. Or there may not be any babies in our egg cases. But whatever it is, after 6 weeks we are moving on to stick bugs!


Our whole study geared around the following documentary and the Mantis Lapbook from  This documentary  was a WONDERFUL start to our study and in fact, we have watched it at least three times as we fill out different pages of our lapbook.  (It seems like a cross between Planet Earth and Bill Nye… which was perfect for us!)

Other resources we used:

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