Friday, May 25, 2012

Great Wolf Vacation!


We spent the last days of our May vacation at Great Wolf Lodge!  Everyone loved it but Luke.  I happened to forget that he was afraid of the shower before I took him to a HUGE loud indoor waterpark!  lol!  Poor baby spent the entire time just like this:


Usually on me, but Alex and Don took turns when I was off having moments to myself. 

Cyan, on the other hand, was off and running with her girlfriends the second we got there and we hardly saw her for the whole time we were there.  This is a pic from the brief moments I saw her:


It was wonderful to go with friends!  It was ‘homeschool discount week’ so we had tons of people we knew from the area.  I had absolutely no issue with taking care of the baby and staying in one spot while Cyan was running the entire park grounds.  Mainly because I knew that #1 she was with at least 3 friends at all times, and #2 there were homeschool mamas I knew EVERYWHERE.  It was the best way to go!

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