Friday, May 11, 2012

Titlow Beach Tour - Staycation day #5


Yesterday we took a tour of Titlow Beach! 


The tour started with everyone splitting into groups and talking about the types of things they were looking for on the beach at low tide.


We all headed down to the beach and started looking for specimens of beach wildlife.  They started at the top of the beach and headed down towards the water. 


It was amazing the difference between the upper shore critters and the tide area critters! About the same amount, but completely different needs for life and comfort.


This is a Chiton.  Two different kinds actually.  One is a Banded Chiton and the other is a Spiny Chiton.


Isn’t the banded one beautiful!?!  It is even more brightly colored than it looks.  Green around the edges and almost purple/brown in the middle with bands that look iridescent in the sunlight.  Beautiful! 

We saw all kinds of critters from giant Sea Stars, to tiny Sun Stars with only three legs (the rest, which they can have up to 20 or so, must have gotten eaten off by curious and hungry birds). 


By the end we had identified 7 different kinds of crab and one of them was the tiny hermit crab like this:


We had to leave early because Cyan was sick.  Sad smile But it was a beautiful time at the beach!

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