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The Handbook Of Nature Study with Harmony Art Mom

Barb, (ie: Harmony Art Mom) has set up a wonderful set of activites that are centered on the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock nearly one hundred years ago (1911).  It is a historical treasure and Barb created a bunch of unit studies that take one hour, onces a week.  It was so fun to do this last year with my children!  We learned a lot and now have adopted the 'one hour' approach each week with delight.  I may go through the lessons again as the kids get older, because I am sure the more in depth you get with these lessons, the more you learn.

WordSmithery with A Small World

This set of unit studies really helped my children understand writing creatively and since doing these activites I have been able to refer back to them countless times because they were all very fun and memorable.  And isn't that what great learning is all about?  This mamas directions, and fun activities with pen and paper, create easy learning opportunities for you and your children to throughly enjoy the world of writing!

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Sunny Scholars