Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Logan’s workboxes - 5/1 - Fingerprints and Food Chains

Box #1 - Bambi by Felix Salten - these chapters are long and involved.  It required quite a bit of talking after the chapter is done as deer dying and the rut is starting.


Box #2 - Nature Study - today we discovered the tree that went along with this cone that was in the street on our walk.  We also played a nature Food Chain game again.


The game is above Logan’s head so we just make up cycles of life with the cards and try to see if they work.  This was the working one that we came up with today:


Box #3 - 1 - 10 dot to dot.  He was searching as he drew so his lines went all over the place before they ‘found’ the right number.  I added in the ruler so he can make his lines a bit more straight by finding the number he needs to go to BEFORE he puts the pen down.


Box #4 - Bob Book - Completed #5 today.  Smile


Box #5 - a worksheet on opposites.  Once he knew the concept, he did this easily… but it took some explaining and help with the longer words (although he sounded out “young” which was kinda awesome.)


Box #6 Ed Emberley and a notepad to make fun fingerprint critters on.


Box #7 - A small motor skills activity of lacing a tree sewing card with a needle.  Both the needle and a button were tied on so that he wouldn’t lose the end of the thread.  This made it much less frustrating! 


Box #8 - Another pattern block with no colors.  This one was easier because the shapes were more defined than the last one, but it still took him a while with no color guide.


Box #9 - A page out of Kumon’s First Rhymes book.


Box #10 - some fun with Wedgits!


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