Thursday, April 26, 2012

Workboxes 4/24

Box #1 - Getting to the last part of Bambi by Felix Salton


Box #2 - Nature Study!  Today we studied squirrels and fern fronds.


We read about Feisty the Squirrel in our Ecojournals and the illistration on the side made Logan ask questions. 


It was such a PERFECT time to ask about fern fronds that I made him put his rainboots back on come out and look at our ferns.  The fronds are different…  They do not curl quite as much as the ones in the book, but they were still really fun to look at!


Cyan found a safe spot from the rain under the eves and drew a beautiful picture of our broken cherry tree that is currently blooming.


Box #3: Into the Forest game of food chains!  Both kids thought this was fun.  Smile


Box #4 - Bob Book #4 and he passed it with flying colors!


Box #5 - Spindle Boxes to work on numbers. 


These are self correcting so it was cool to see him figure out what he was supposed to do and correct himself.


Box #6 - Writing his name with the proper spaces and case.  This still needs some work, but he’s got his whole name down really well (readable to anyone) so I am not pushing hard… just working slowly.


Box #7 - 1 - 10 Dot to Dot.  I added a ruler so he could make better straight lines.


Box #8 - Kumon book page from First Rhyming Words


Box #9 - pattern blocks.  It’s the first one I have added that has no color coding to it.  He did GREAT although he used pieces I wouldn’t have, which actually thrilled me because he figured it out all on his own.


Box #10 - This one has no picture and I am not sure why, but it was a movie on Geography and Maps from the library.  It had a lot of new vocabulary so we will be visiting it again before I expect him to apply any of the information, but it’s good to get those mental boxes started with good info early.  Smile


Sarah Policastro said...

I love these posts! Can you tell me more about your Ecojournals? Like, what is an Ecojournals? haha

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Ecojournals by Toni Albert are some of the best resources for nature study I have found. They follow a woman and her husband, dog and two cats on their land which is 40 acres called 'Trickle Creek'. She describes her life there with the animals that she has known over the years and each chapter has a story, an observation about her area, and a activity to do. The chapters are seperated into dates and the dates in to books by season. We have been going through them for 4 years now and it's been wonderful! I don't always follow them, but at least some point during every season I will pick them up and drop them in one of the kids boxes and after 4 years of this we are still finding things to do and fun things to learn from these small, information packed books. :) They are WELL worth the $7 each or so. :)


Grace Ruiz said...

What are you using for your workboxes?

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