Thursday, April 19, 2012

Logan’s workboxes - 4/12

Box #1: The novel Bambi by Felix Salton.  We read about 2 chapters each morning to start off our school day.


Box #2: Nature Study - good colored pencils and his nature notebook which is filled with amazing and not so amazing pictures of the world outside through the eyes of a young 5 year old.  Smile



Box #3 - Boggle Jr Letters.  He likes making the words.  Most of the time I leave the letters uncovered but sometimes with 3 letter words I will cover them and have him guess.  He’s very good at guessing.


Box #4 - P.E. - Jump 25 times on the trampoline again.  (He liked it so much yesterday.)


Box #5 - Bob Book #3.


Box #6 - A math game from Cool Math  This one was kind of like Bejeweled… but with Balloons!


Box #7 - 1 - 10 Dot to Dot


Box #8 Short Vowel sounds worksheet.



Box #10 was a huge pair of dice.  I had him roll the dice and then add the two numbers together and write them down.  The ones over 10 were a challenge, so we will be doing this again soon.  Smile