Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The start of a new year for Logan

Logan has by far and away surpassed the pre-school stuff as far as reading and writing go.  So with Charlotte Mason in mind (keeping it gentle) I am letting him move at his speed.  It’s going easily and smoothly, but the work boxes that include Leapfrogs Fridge Letters are all over.  Haha… we are on to Bob Books and Explode the Code for my smart little boy, with a lot of fun, outdoor exploration thrown in to keep it interesting. 

For the first day, this is what was included in his workboxes:

Box #1: The novel Bambi, by Felix Salten, which I read two or three chapters for the start of school for both Logan and Cyan right now.


Box #2: Nature Study


This was Logan’s work for that day.  (He had no help but spelling from my desk from me.)


This is what he said he saw out the window.  This jump in his reading and writing skill is intimidating and has caused quite a stir in my schooling ideas. 

Box #3: Manuelo the Playing Mantis - a cute book about a mantis who really wanted to play music. 


We are raising Praying Mantids right now so it fit in nicely with our unit study. 


Also, under this book were some lapbook pages on Mantis and a post it that directed them to watch two videos on the insects.  Which were awesome!

Box #4: This started his ‘work alone’ time so I could get some one-on-one with Cyan.  This next box is a math game from Cool Math


Box #5 says “Jump 25 times on the trampoline”


Box #6 The 3rd Bob Book from box 1.  He masters one per day right now, but I am taking it slowly so we have no issues when we get to digraphs and blends.


Box #7 - a page torn from a workbook with short vowels.


Box #8 - first words game.  Which is no longer a challenge but honestly I had nothing else to put in the box so ‘review’ it became.


Box #9 was 1 - 10 Dot to Dot. 


Box #10 - a visit to the chore store.  Which is a box in the garage which they can use their stars (from iAllowance) to buy art kits, little trinkets, and new games.  He chose a Cars car and was happily playing in the back yard for the rest of the afternoon.  Smile


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