Friday, April 20, 2012

Workboxes 4/17 - Mouse Feet and Fir Trees

Box #1 - A chapter from Bambi by Felix Salten.


Box #2 - Nature Study.


Today was a focus on the trees we had in our yard. We took out Fun with Nature book out and discovered that in our yard we have a Maple (which is JUST starting to leaf), 4 HUGE Douglas Fir trees, and a Cherry.


We also discovered that the woodchips we just got to put under the apple tree area is from a Cedar tree. We could tell because there were a few small branches we could identify in the Fun with Nature book.


Logan decided to focus his picture on the Doug Fir. We talked about the specifics of the tree and I read him this little story and had him narrate it back to me for his nature notebook.

The Legend of the Douglas Fir



Box #3 - Focus Study (Praying Mantis)- Hermie and the Mantis Who Wouldn’t Pray. (He is still 5 afterall. lol! He loved it.)


Box #4 - A page from his Kumon book with short vowel sounds.


Box #5 - Handwriting practice cards with a dry erase marker.


Box #6 - Secret Writer packet.  I wrote him a note in disappearing ink and he had to uncover and read it to me.  He LOVED this.  We will be doing it again.  Smile


Box #7 - Pattern Blocks with no colors this time.  A bit more complicated to look for just the shape instead of color matching.


Box #8 - Boggle Jr again.


Box #9 - Bob Book #4


Box #10 - 1 - 10 dot to dot with dice in the box to practice his addition from yesterday again with me.


  And that’s it for today!  Smile

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