Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back at history again

We have decided to do a unit on history and geography for this week. So far we have just studied in books, but later this week we are going to make clay signature stamps and some other fun absorbing things.

I love our history curriculum, but with the election and the history being made there, we really steered away from it for a while. Not to mention that SOTW has a lot of prep work that goes into it for the teacher, so unless I got the required library books last week, made sure I had a material list when I went to the store, and dug through the art supplies (that are still in boxes in the garage) the projects can seem quite daunting. It really just didn't all come together before now. I am excited about the unit though. There are a lot of really fun stories that can be told about Ancient times.

There is of course, always time to get your hair done by your baby brother. :)

Sadie (a constant inspiration of mine) has put together a Geography lapbook that I may just have Cyan make while Alex is studying the ancient world more in depth. This would be only my second lap book ever and Cyan hasn't ever done one... so experiments all round... but fun. Lots of fun with school.

There is also another great thing about today. The sun is out!

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