Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Books I love

I have had a hard time getting Cyan to read this year. It hasn't been that she can't do it... more that she won't. I concentrate a lot on successes here so you are probably thinking "What?"... but for the most part, her reading hasn't gotten any faster... no matter what I have done. She is reading really well, but not quickly. Still sounding out every single letter of words she doesn't know... Until this last week.

I was browsing the library Easy Readers trying to get some books that were just under her level to give her some success and came across this series:

This is the same guy (Mo Willems) who wrote "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!"

They are SO great! Cyan read the one above this morning. It is hysterical. And has TONS of punctuation practice and also lots of repeat words, so she can flow really nicely, but say things in different ways like:

"Ask them?" "Yes, ask them." "Okay, I will ask them."

This form makes it very easy to read with expression, and even easier to read with expression quickly.

We are having a lot of laughs in school right now between Moving Beyond the Page and these new readers.

(I read one to Don allowed yesterday. No kids were even in the room. That is how funny they are. lol!)

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Sadie said...

Love, love, love that series....and so do the boys. We've gotten at them all at least once from the library.

Cale's in a reading rut...I took your ice cream reward idea....100 books and he gets any type of ice cream at the shop he wants. Same for Rylan. Cohen will sit and "read" me books all the time...has a pretty good memory too!