Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jim's U-Fish

For one of the girls birthday in our homeschool group, we were all invited to Jim's U-Fish... what a neat little place! It is a fully working farm, with ponies for riding, ponds for fishing, barns for visiting, and all sorts of areas to explore. They even have a whole little house to 'rent' for parties just like these... Here are a few pictures:

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Sadie said...

You guys have such neat places around you!! I know we must have some of those little known treasures in our area....just need to find them!

I think lapbooking would work for older kids....depending on them really. It's basically like a mini-report so instead of writing paragraphs on paper you would write the info in the books. He would do more of the research on his own instead of laying out like you would a younger child. I mean...I like them and I am an adult! Does moving beyond the page have a program for older? I still think we may try one of their time I get burnt out I'll buy a section and give it a try....