Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nutrition and Manners Party

About once a month, our homeschool group sets up these parties. They always have a theme, and we all participate as much as we can with the set up.

This one is a Nutrition and Manners party. Each of the mamas got to talk to the kids about manners, how to eat so your body stays healthy, and then we filled our placemats with the things we loved, that were healthy for our bodies. The kids were great... some of course, picked favorite foods (thinking in particular of one little boy who drew nothing but Mac and Cheese on his 'plate'... which made all us moms laugh), but all of them were creative and they had such great questions about what was healthy, what gave us energy, how to set the table... etc. It was just a great class!

Here are our placemats (we got them laminated at the free teachers lamination from Staples):

On the back of each, all of the rest of us wrote a quote of why the other person is a wonderful addition to our family... On the back of mine it says: "You make me food and let me cook" ~ Alex "I like your strawberry applesauce, YUM!" ~ Cyan "'Practically perfect in every way.'" ~ Don

Here is the front of mine up close:

And Dons (I made his, but true to form... this is what the guy likes... starch and cheese... it made him laugh when I brought it home):

Here are the kids... Alex first:

Theirs also have a food pyramid on the back.

And Cyan's:

And here are a couple pictures from the class:

A friend and other homeschooling mama reading a book on table etiquette:

Another homeschool mama and friend talking about the placemat project:

Dear friend and other homeschool mama reading a book on how to keep our bodies healthy:

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