Sunday, July 13, 2008

Birthday Funnies

Dialog witnessed by a dear friend between my daughter and her 6 friends at a birthday party:

Girl #1: "Just step on it!"

Cyan: "NO! You don't have to, it will go away."

Girl #2: "My mommy squishes them with shoes."

Girl #3: "My daddy gets poison and kills them all!"

Cyan, getting more and more dramatic by the momemnt: "Don't you care about LIFE??"

Girl #2: "They're just bugs!"

Cyan: "Bugs have feelings! They have life!" At this point she starts pinching the other girls (not hard) and saying "See this!?! Do you feel that? That's because you have LIFE!"

At this point, dear friend steps in: "Girls. We all do differently and I think Cyan has something she would like to say. Cyan, what is it?"

Cyan: "I just care about LIFE!" Exasperated sigh and rolling of the eyes as she walks away arms crossed dramatically.

Apparently there was much more to the converstaion that dear friend did not catch beforehand... and all the girls are friends again after dear friend explained that everyone does things differently in every family.

Which I demonstrated as I grabbed a moth from the house and tossed it outside while one of the dads said "You just grabbed that with your hand???"

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