Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SOTW chapter 30: The Moghul Dynasty in India

Craft: miniature of Babur's garden in a pie plate.

The kids filled a pie plate with soil, then decorated with rocks and shells. After that we added some 'quick grass' seed and they sprayed it with my plant water bottle.

It won't be as beautiful as the garden in India, but wow... they sure were proud!

For wiggle time, we played Elephants and Horses. It is a reenactment of the war in India when the Moghul's gained power. In the game there are twice as many elephants as horses, BUT the elephants are slow and labored (have to hop on one foot and have one hand on the opposite shoulder) and the horses are free bodied.

The smaller, but less hindered horses getting ready to start the battle.

One of the larger, stronger elephants.

An elephant in the process of her flag being captured.

Victory dance for the horses!!!

One cute little elephant tried to hide behind the camera mama. It didn't work out very well. ;) They still got invaded. However, the Hindus of India were welcomed into the new empire without any requirement for a change in their religious practices and that was the start of the Moghul Dynasty.


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