Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facebook funnies

School has been boring. Book work, after handwriting lesson, after spelling lesson, and then a bit more book work. Poetry class was AWESOME! But I don't have those pictures downloaded yet (bad me). So instead, I will share with you some of my recent Facebook Funnies, brought to you by my kids:

Logan: "Hey mama... when my little brother comes out of your belly, can I play my gameboy?"

A little bit of teen mama humor: "Teenage attitude adjustment took 64 push ups and 30 sit ups tonight. Equally amazed and totally annoyed."

And Logan again: ‎"Mama, dees muffins taste like... um like.... solid ROCK! ..........Or fish."

The new corn muffin recipe was a go with everyone else. :P

This one stars Logan again: It is a good day when your 3 year old asks: "Mama, I all done with my squash, can I have more of those vegetables?" (meaning roasted root veggies including everything from rutabaga to fingerling potatoes.) It just proves that some of these children actually are mine. :)

Cyan's posts have all been about her recent dental drama that includes an abscess and a root canal. Not much for the funnies. But I did get to update that the tooth next to the root canal is NOT dead and that is wonderful news!


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