Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A lot of catching up to do...

Hey guys... this blog has been put on the back burner for the last two months.

Just in case someone stumbles upon this and doesn't know, I consistently write on my other blog Collecting the Moments... one by one, and that one has been updated more frequently than this.

We are still doing school in a very basic sense. Currently I am a day overdue with our latest babe and feeling very overdone. It is hard to be enthusiastic about homeschooling when you can hardly change the laundry. The kids are weathering it well, even if many of their lessons come from Brain Pop and worksheets found online. :P

History class has started up again without me... My dear friends have been nice enough to allow Cyan to continue even though I am not participating. They say they consider it Maternity Leave. And thank goodness... because I doubt I would actually finish anything I start at the moment.

Preparations for the baby are in the works and Logan and the baby's room has taken on a beautiful turn. I have been waiting for a few finishing touches to take pictures and post them... but I am pretty thrilled with the outcome. It is quite the change! It's amazing what wood floors and curtains can do.

I will try to keep this more updated... as I realized the last post I had was for advent. lol! It will be much easier once I have this baby and things start ticking along as normal again.


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