Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun with dry ice

We are finally getting back to school stuff. We have been doing nothing but bookwork for weeks and weeks. Frankly, bookwork is easy. It still teaches them and when pregnant, overdue, or cuddling a newborn babe it makes perfect sense... but I have been really excited about starting to enjoy our school days just a little bit more lately.

We have been taking everyday opportunities for fun experiments and today was a really cool one. We got dry ice in our weekly grocery delivery! The kids have played with it many times before, but today, Alex asked if he could put it in really hot water. The effect was really cool. Gaseous bubbles billowing everywhere making one of my mixing bowls look like a witches brew, and the kids enjoyed it as well:

It was quite the cool effect. I look forward to what they will think of to do with next weeks dry ice!


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Sadie said...

That first paragraph....I completely agree. We are slowly adding back in the fun stuff. That pic of Alex is great!