Saturday, July 30, 2011

Preschool - Day 2


Box #1:  WWM (Work with Mom) handwriting starters and a letter jar


First I had him do the handwriting starter (from here). 


Using a triangle pencil he traced the dotted lines.


Then I played a game with him. 


The letter jar was introduced yesterday and so he knows what’s in it.  Today I brought out the ‘secret box’ and I put the items in it one by one and he had to guess which Aa item was in the box without peeking!

Box #2: sequence beads


This bead sequencing kit has been super fun!  It was a neat variation of sequence theme.


Box #3:  Textures.  This was a Montessori activity.


He felt the bits of fabric while blindfolded and matched them up.  He didn’t like being blindfolded at first, but once he got a few down he really enjoyed the game.  :)


Box #5: More sequencing (from here).


A variation on pattern and sequencing where he gets to use glue is always welcome!


Box #6: free Coloring sheet of an apple tree


After he was done with this he got to file it away all by himself in his ABC Notebook.  He LOVED that!


Box #6:  Color matching game.  (Idea from here.)


This was super fun because we got to go outside.  He started finding things just so I would take pictures of them.  This sweet boy is going to have a documented life!  lol!


Box #7:  Spindle box

Another Montessori activity made by my friend Heather.  Today we only did the numbers 0 - 4.  You have to recognize the numbers without dots or lines etc, so this was challenging for Logan.  I thought 5 numerals would be plenty.  After he understood what to do, he did just great!


Box #8:  Ecojournal.  Ahhh… the Ecojournal.  Beautiful illustrations, fun activities, great stories about simple life on Trickle Creek.  The whole series is a win and completely worth owning!


Cyan went through this whole series in her first grade year and although I am not ready for that type of weekly commitment with Logan yet, it was SUPER fun to play with this today.  August 1st’s activity is to dissect a poppy and become a pollinator! 


We currently have no less than 5 different types of poppies in our yard.  Some in the flower garden, some in the garden pathways (volunteers from last year I am sure), and even some in with the tomatoes and beans.  We spent about an hour between watching the bees (natural pollinators), using a paint brush to pollinate some ourselves, and dissecting the different parts to see how the flower was built.


I think this was his favorite part of the day.


Box #9: Scavenger Hunt from Confessions of a Homeschooler Letter of the Week Curriculum


I was smart, because we spent so much time on the ecojournal, I decided to limit the number of things to find (after all, we are working on numbers too).  I hid two huge ants and one alligator puppet in his room. 


I then gave him a sucker while he matched his last box (box #10, number matching) and he was all done! 


Another successful preschool day!

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