Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Field Trip - Kennedy Creek Chum Salmon Run


The trip there was incredibly beautiful!  From the second we got off the freeway we were in these beautiful wooded roads with their full fall colors showing.  It was amazingly lovely.  And luckily, I was the passenger so I was able to have him slow down and take some shots of the drive.


The path around the creek was lovely as well.









We got there just as another homeschool group was leaving. We were about to head down on our own when the trail guide (Katie) told us she’d take us to where the salmon were jumping right now.


Luke wanted to be down and on his own for everything.  He was so curious about the water that he accidently dropped one of his boots in the river!  I almost fell in getting it out!


_MG_0405-001It was crazy cute to watch him though.  Smile



I am so glad we went!  It’s the second in a long line of field trips that we are going to be taking this school year.  I am excited about what the kids will be learning on our many trips.



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