Sunday, March 7, 2010

a big fat whine

We are moving so slow. We have had so many hang ups this year and I feel like a sloth when it comes to school. Our system right now isn't working, we are moving at a snails pace and I don't ever feel prepared for the school day.

We need to put a few new things in place. But I am just not sure how. I have ideas. But I hesitate to spend any cash on them becuase I am afraid they will not work. The Man's schedule is beyond confusing this month as he has training, so his weekends are all messed up becuase he has to be on someone elses schedule. So THAT isn't even consistant. And then we got hit with this stinking cold... which I am still dealing with. And now Don has been home from work on the messed up days he should be working. UGH! I know some months are like this... but I have felt that this whole year!! has been like this. The move last summer, then we started to settle, harvest season, then we started to recover from that, the shooting, then the shooting, then the shootings again. Then we started to get settled and then ANOTHER shooting. Now the trainings, and meetings, and gardening. I don't know when to catch up. I am really feeling like an overwhelming failure this year. My kids are learning, and progressing... but it is so slow. And most of it has nothing to do with me. I barely have time to review the lessons before I slap it to them to do it. Ugh. That is all. Just a big fat whine.



Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

Aw Val, I know how hard it is to get hit with roadblock after roadblock! We called 2007 our unschooling year because of everything that happened (major illness plus the deaths of my grandfather and then mother).

I find that Waldorf is more forgiving of schedule upsets, as you have the main lesson subject for the whole month. You might not have time to do every activity you planned, but you can rest easy knowing that the material is received in-depth even if you miss several days.

Sadie said...

I feel the same way about this year. Something needs to change but I am not sure how. I feel like it's the year of math since that is about what we get done each day. No creativity or fun, hands on stuff. It will settle. Things will get back on track. They will learn regardless....

bewellconsultations said...

Love ya girl. See ya tomorrow. I will bring real hugs.