Friday, March 19, 2010


Logan has a basket on his table that has a few library books on it, and usually some coloring sheets. He isn't required to do anything with them unless he wants to... but every now and again, he asks to 'do school' and so I try to always have something 'schoollike' for him to do when the kids and I are working.

This month the basket theme is Sea Horses. He LOVES Sea Horses. One of the books I have in the basket right now is Eric Carle's Mister Seahorse, and I have read that book to him about 10 times already.

I figured that a trip to the zoo's Sea Horse exhibit was in order. He is never required to remember anything from this stuff... but he loves having a little bit of the education focus turned to him.

This picture and the one above are 'Quarter Horses'. They are TINY. Probably smaller than a dime. I love watching those little guys get around. They are so neat to see!

This one was playing with Alex. Not sure what he thought it was, but he would follow Alex's finger along the glass.

This is the king of the Sea Horses.

We finished off the learning part of the zoo trip at the touch tanks. Logan asked all kinds of questions about the Sea Cucumber, which he loved to pet. We even got to see a Brittle Star flip it self back over from it's back... which was actually complicated and really cool!

Then we met friends for lunch and played for the rest of the afternoon.



Tan Family said...

Aren't seahorses amazing? What a nice day you all had. We love seahorses, too.

aly in va said...

I've always wanted a sea horse...Have you seen the second part of Life (discovery channel)- there's a little blurb on the seahorses, adorable.