Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Advent time again!!

Our advent list for this year includes:

1. Put up lights with daddy
2. Journey to Bethlehem
3. Wool Felt Heart ornaments
4. Breakfast with Santa at the Station
5. Make beeswax heart ornaments for the tree
6. Pick out Christmas tree with daddy
7. Recycled wrapping projects
8. Make snowglobe soaps for gifts
9. Paper star and ball ornaments with friends
10. Watching Christmas movie with popcorn and a treat
11. A surprise outing!
12. Go shopping for mommy with daddy
13. Zoo lights with hot cider
14. Paper hearts and bake something yummy!
15. Gingerbread houses
16. Paper snowflakes
17. Popcan gifts for friends
18. Special chocolate
19. Skating at the roller rink
20. Fantasy lights with hot cocoa
21. Christmas cookies for the neighbors
22. Fruit and Nuts dipped in Chocolate
23. Wrap gifts with mommy
24. Have a gnome bonfire with s’mores
25. Open Stocking!

Tomorrow, the fun begins!

Last years advent list, just in case more inspiration is desired.



SmallWorld at Home said...

OH my goodness--that is adorable. I think it's too late this year, but I'm totally copying that for next year!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

It's the first! It can't be too late. ;)

I have thought many times about hanging up envalopes in a line and sewing them together on my sewing machine so it makes a banner or bunting that the kids can pull one off per day through advent. Or even a paper chain where you write it all on the inside of each paper chain? That would be cute and of course, SUPER cheap!



Liz said...

I have been looking for this! I remember you talking about it last year...and sooo glad you put it up this year. While it is late (in the year) and early (for my kids to remember) I won't be utilizing the cute pockets this year. I have to remember to plan ahead for next....

BUT I am so glad you wrote down the daily tasks. Instead of just getting a treat to help countdown, I adore that you wrote down tasks. Such great ideas (and I think it makes sure you don't forget anything!).

Hope I see you around my blog too....hint hint....

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Oh what a great list!
Thank you for sharing.
Warm wishes,

Sherri said...

I have seen a lot of advent lists...and I think yours tops them all...creative...I need to see all of these in action...AMAZING!!!! =)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

@ Sherri - Hey! The other blog has all the updates from the week and a half we have done it... here you go:

We have REALLY been enjoying it! Even school has been rotating around it this last week or so.



Tim said...

What a terrific list, and such a cute way to do an advent calendar! Your children are lucky to have a parent who cares so much about their education, and their upbringing.

Happy holidays.