Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This year I decided not to hatch butterflies.  Instead we are going to study frogs and ladybugs.  But I was THRILLED with the little butterfly lesson reminder my kids got at the Seattle Center this last weekend with our trip to the butterfly house.

We got to watch a Blue Morpho Butterfly come out of it’s chrysalis!  It was incredible!  We watched it come out, and as it started to pump up it’s wings with fluid to make them bigger (from it’s distended abdomen) I got to give my kids a refresher course.  How amazing is this??:


What a beautiful little bug!

We also got a great refresher in how to tell an aging butterfly.


This is a young butterfly.  See the smooth edges on the wings?


And this is an older butterfly… can you see the torn and tattered wing edges?

It was a beautiful refresher and a really great day!

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