Friday, May 20, 2011

A game of hide and seek with Iroquois camouflage – SOTW lesson 15


The Iroquois Native Americans were masters of disguise.  The craft for today was to make our best disguise we could… and then test them out!


“Is my makeup scary enough?”


Ready for action!

IMG_8076-1  _MG_8134-1

Get ready, get set….

  IMG_8205-1  _MG_8056-1

Testing our camo with a game of hide and seek!


“ONE! Two! Three!”


“Hey!  I got you!!”


Home free!!


Rest after the game.

1 comment:

aly in va said...

That looks like so much fun..and who knows, maybe next time get the parents to do it too,the kids can paint their faces :)