Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oo is for Owl and Ocean

I am trying to get back to it.  Here is what we did for the letter Oo!


Box #1: some Oo is for Ocean lapbook pages from Homeschool Share along with some pages from the Oo section of Letter of the Week from Confessions of a Homeschooler.


Box #2: Beginning sounds bingo!  I have three versions of this game that all work a little differently and it really helps Logan to see all the different words so that he pronounces and spells them with the right letters.  In young kids you often see Rr sounds turn to Ww sounds and sometimes Ffs or Tts are left out entirely… this way, he gets gentle, fun reinforcement for his letter sounds without really having to be corrected.  I have found it a wonderful tool!


Box #3 was patterning beads.


Box #4 handwriting practice on some dollar store writing strips.


Box #5 we added his lapbook things to his letter notebook… which is getting REALLY full!


Box #6 were 1 - 10 number, word, and picture card puzzle.  He still needs help with the word, but I can reinforce the beginning sounds at the same time.


Box #7 I added a sand garden and some shells.  He played with it for about an hour after he was done with school.


Box #9 was an owl pattern block picture I printed on cardstock.  He just LOVES these!  They are like puzzles to him and he has fun every time he works with them.  Smile  Idea from here.


Box #10 was the book Hello Ocean.  We read that and then he asked to go back and play with the sand garden again.  Smile

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