Thursday, February 16, 2012

Qq is for Quilt

Box #1 was a few pages from LOTW


Box #2 was a book called The Quilting Bee by Gail Gibbons


It was SO fun to read!!  There were tons of facts in easy to understand bites:


Box #3 is a worksheet I made that had a bed frame picture from the top down that he covered with mosaic squares he glued on.


Box #4 Patterning from LOTW.


Box #5 cutting activity from LOTW


Box #6 was a game called First Words.  He is at the point where he can read most 3 letter words without help and many other words with help. 


Box #7 was a set of huge foam dice and a the game “Roll to the Top”.


Box #8 was Dot to Dot count to 10 book


Box #9 was a pattern block sheet I printed (should have done it on card stock) that is a quilt square.  He loved this.  Smile


Box #10 was completely off theme… but the boys got Ninja Bread Men for Christmas in their stockings and we had yet to make them.  Although we usually make our own cookie dough from organic ingredients, this time we used a gifted dough from a friend and made some yummy treats!


It was an awesome day with the letter Qq!

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Keri said...

You really have some great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!!