Friday, September 14, 2012

First day of school learning


The first day of school went well.  We were a little bit off schedule as we had an unexpected (but welcome) visitor.  Our first order of the day was to change out the nature table from ‘summer’ to ‘fall’!  The kids handed me stuff as I arranged it on the nature table.  I am sure we will have many more things to add as we take nature walks and get more into the fall season but for now, it’s just lovely and clean.



Box #1: Nature Study!  Today we got to compare bird nests that we have found over the summer.


This was a all kid activity.  They each got one and they described it as the others wrote down what they said on a comparison and contrast worksheet.


Box #2 - Animal Farm Game - was just for Logan.  He read all these and placed them so fast that I think I may have to make some harder cards for him!  The farm is expanding!

_MG_9392 _MG_9442

Box #3 was our interview box.  He wrote his name (with no help, I really wanted to see his progress between now and the end of the year), and then drew a picture of himself.


The interview was here.

Box #4 was a jar and some craft sticks.  Each day we put one craft stick in the jar.  Each tenth day we bundle the craft sticks together showing counting by tens.  However, today we only had one craft stick in our jar.  Hardly picture worthy.  Winking smile


Box #5 - Cyan and Logan played number dominos!  They were both really good at it.  I am going to have to get a set of real dominos and look up the rules for another day.


Box #6 was wet on wet watercolor.


This was a Cyan and Logan activity.


Box #7 was the Dolch Word Kit.  We just worked on review for today.


Box #8 was Digraph Sorting from Pinterest.

_MG_9398 _MG_9477

Box #9 was a “September Me” from A Year of Kindergarten Writing.


No box #10 today…  just lunch!


All in all it was a great day!

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