Monday, June 16, 2008

CS Lewis some Turkish Delights...

 I have always loved things that bring stories and ideas together with reality. Say like a book that comes with the perfect stuffed animal, or the cookbook that comes with a set of cookies made from it with notes from the gift giver. Those are my favorite types of gifts and I try to make my gift giving as three dementional as I can in that way. When I read the book "Prince Caspian" to my children a couple months ago I bought Turkish Delights "Aplets and Cotlets" for them to snack on while I was reading. It was a neat experience for them, as I don't think they had ever had them before. For me, as a kid I went to the Aplets and Cotlets factory each time we drove through the area and I remember eating them our tiny B2-10 Datsun with my brothers and my mom very well.  

All of us homeschooling, vacationing mamas picked up some "Turkish Delights" while on our woman's retreat this weekend... and tonight the kids and I sat and watched Narnia while eating them from a silver plate.  I don't know if it is a memory that will hold for them or not... but I like to collect the moments where I can.  :)


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