Sunday, June 29, 2008

And another year begins......

The start of our year is going beautifully! Cyan said the sweetest thing to me today. She said that she likes doing homeschool so much better that school now because I make it much more fun. :) This is the face of a happy mama.

Alex is a bit more difficult, but he is used to being told what to do, and then the teacher accepting whatever he did with the assignment he was given. I don't do that. What a harsh reality for him. I actually expect him to 'show his work', 'explain his thinking', and learn how to summarize. I also expect him to be quiet when I am working with Cyan or Logan. And that is going amazingly well from his end. Cyan on the other hand, will need a bit of help in that dept. But all in all, we are doing great for the start of the year.

Currently, Alex is working on 'order of operations' for his algebraic program that he is starting in August. I found this wonderful site that really has been helpful with it! Amby's Math Resource It was fun for me to play through to see if I still had what it took to do 8th grade math. I do. Teeheehee... it was quite the little rush.

Cyan is working on the same stuff she stopped on in May. The next Explode the Code, Singapore Math, and a few early readers which when she tries, she can really read. We are working on digraphs, and compound words in phonics, and she is loving that... Starfall has been great as a reward for her after she is done with her book work. Who knew a educational website could be such motivation?

I have adjusted our weeks to work with Don's already. I don't know how that is going to work out, but I do think it will be incentive for them to do their school work quickly on days like today and yesterday, where their friends are home, and ready to play.

The ice cream man has been another reward for a school day well done. What a wonderful way to end one of these horridly hot days. Who knew that such a cold spring would turn into such a scorching summer?

All in all... life is good. :)

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