Saturday, June 7, 2008

The girl of the hour....

Cyan can READ!

She got through her Dick and Jane primer, and her Explode the Code books for the year. She can read the Dolch Site Words, and is starting to speed up. When we were done with Dick and Jane, she wanted to continue on to the next book, and read the first one of those without a hitch... then went on to read half of the book Go Dog, Go. The reading came on out of the blue too. One day she was sounding out EVERY SINGLE LETTER, and the next day she was reading them quickly with all of the appropriate inflections for punctuation. It was AMAZING! She (like most first graders) loves reading exclamation points. lol!

For her achievements, as promised, we took her to get a big fat banana split. She loved being able to share her treat with all of us and it made the reading that much more of an big deal for her.

She would like me to also add that she can tie her shoes. This is also a HUGE (and brand new) achievement that she happily announces to anyone who will listen. :) The guy at Baskin Robins was patient and listened well as she told of her new skills.

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