Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apples, Peaches, and Beans, oh my!

And carrots, and beets, and blueberries... And the list will go on. This month is just about the busiest that we have here at the Rose Garden. And always is. Preparing for school causes lots of paperwork (just under 100 pages in fact), and then the food comes in...

So far this is the list:

Peaches - 100lbs

Apples - 1 bushel (these haven't even really started yet)

Green beans - 28lbs (with terribly cute help)

Snow peas - 12lbs

Carrots - 20lbs (some pictured in the snow pea pic)

Blueberries - 30lbs

Beets - 25lbs (some pictured in the snow pea picture too)

Strawberries - 3 full flats

Soon to come is blackberries, cloud berries, tomatoes, and apples... and that doesn't count the meat.

But we are well equiped to deal with such things... we have really cute aprons and really cute help;

Have a happy day!

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