Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paperwork and mad cats

Gosh, this time of year it seems like there is nothing but paperwork. Because my children get funds through a virtual academy, I have to fill out requisition forms for their curriculum. They don't have any out of the house classes, but giving us the funds to get the things we need has been SO helpful, that I have taken the plunge and signed them up. But wow... the paperwork just kicks my butt! I have done probably 50 pages of paperwork today alone. 9 requisitions with full curriculum intentions and reasons (totalling about 35 pages), intent for home based instruction for two, inter-district transfer of paperwork so they have all Alex's test scores.... and that is just today! Sigh... That is a lot of paperwork. But most of it is done now. :)

Last night at dinner Cyan found a sweet little kitty that she decided was her friend. He never bit her, or hurt her in any way... but before I made her put him down and had a talk about kitty body language, I had to take pictures:

Doesn't he look thrilled?

And a cute baby/daddy picture to make you smile:

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