Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cyanism's of August and other things...

Cyan says some of the funniest things sometimes that years ago we started coining her more colorful phrases "Cyanisms".  Recently she has begun doing more of these again, and I felt like I had to record this one here:

My daughter comes in covered in dirt up to her elbows and goes to the sink to wash her hands, and I ask her "What were you doing?"  "Mole tracking." She says, point blank with a very 'duh' voice: 

She has also taken to 'experimenting'... this sometimes ends up in disaster... like when she decided to 'experiment' with a cup of water and our DVD remote control.  "But it was a very small cup of water."  She says.  lol!  Another experiment had to do with about 5 lbs of sand from the sand box and some of her playsilks.  I caught that one before disaster, thank goodness.

Alex has been gone for just over a month now.  He comes home in two weeks.  I am missing him.  Which is evident by the fact that I have cleaned his room and am now figuring out how to get him a bed frame.  I already picked him up a comforter and sheet set that I think he will love.  I think he will be as happy to be home as I will be to see him.

Logan is such a toddler!  He is starting to really understand what we are asking him to do though.  He puts his own diapers in the garbage, he will hand us things (esp shoes, he LOVES going 'bye-bye'), and he has been signing up a storm!  Is is so funny that he really doesn't talk yet, but he signs like mad.  His newest sign is "airplane" which he uses all the time to show us planes flying outside.  Although most of them are gone before we get out there... but he sure does try.  He is down right obsessed!  He found a board book with a baby looking at "Baby's Favorite Things" and one of them is a plane... he was SO excited and every day he comes up to me with the book turned to that page yelling "Mama!  Mama!"

Today we picked him up a jumpy spring horse.  He has been wanting one for a month now.  We could have gotten it for much less ($20 compared to $70) but I stalled at the Goodwill when I saw one, and decided to walk through the store before I bought it.  DUMB!  I should have snached it up right away, because as the other woman with a baby (much younger than Logan) put it in her car, Logan nearly had his first full on melt down fit.  And he spent the entire evening sitting on his new one (which we picked up RIGHT after that incident becuase the purchase has been coming for a while).  My kids may be spoiled, but they are happy and polite.  As he rocked and bounced on it, he kept saying "tank" (which means thank you) and "bye-bye!" and then he would rock for all he was worth.  It was SO cute!

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