Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She is just really amazing....

My daughter is a born artist. I pretty much can't wait until we can move so she has more space to do art. In this house she has been limited to paper and pencils. (She does have really good colored pencils that I got her.) I can't have paint inside with this light tan carpet, and there is really no other space for me to let her free to do art. In the new house, we have a HUGE room with tile floors. And I am planning on setting up my cutting table (adjustable height) just for art. Both the kids are good at it... but Cyan has a passion that I think could really become something later in her life. Or at the very least, bring something to her life that I get from doing my paper crafting (which is another thing I can start doing more of when we move).

Anyway. Here are a few of my seven-year-old's latest drawings.

"A Rose"

When she brought this to me, she said "Mama, I have never drawn a rose like that before. It just came from me. Like from my heart. I had never done it that way... and then I did."

I nearly cried.

In her picture, you can see the roots, seed, leaves, stem, and flower all illustrated in detail. Along with a worm, 'helping the soil'. The things you think you didn't get through to your children sometimes come back in the most amazing ways.

"My Wrapped Baby"

She has such a beautiful idea of the world. I keep all of her art like this in folders by year. She has had one since she started preschool 4 years ago. Looking back, it is really incredible. I honestly don't think she has any more talent than anyone else... she just has passion. Intense passion. She is just pretty darn amazing.

Oh, I can't wait to share some of Alex's poetry. I love having artistic children.

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