Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Language acquisition phase 1

Logan is speaking SO much right now. For the last few weeks (I would say since about Christmas actually) he has gained a new word per day. If not more. I stopped keeping track. He still uses a mixture of signs, words, and sound effects to get his point across... but I know exactly what he is talking about nearly every time. His newest phrases are:

"You a-right?"
"Oh... ok mama."
"Dat mine! NO!"
"You do it?"
"Re-d me books right now.... Peeze!"
"Meeeowww eat-eat now, ober der."
"Go bye bye?"

He also has started signing tons again. Now he has the signs down for just about any animal you can think of. Dog (sometimes even with the snap, which blew me away at first), cat, bird, elephant, fish, turtle, and many more. Reading stories with him now end up with questions about each page. "The meeeowwww eat-eating? Ober der? Oh a blue one! HAHA!"

Which brings me to 'blue'... what an odd thing to call all your 'favorite' things. lol! But it has stuck. As has "baba" for Don, and now he calls Cyan "gigi". Once again, no idea where that came from. We don't even call her Sissy (short for sister). He still doesn't have a name for Alex that is consistant... and I am 'mama'... which makes plenty of sense.

He is getting his two year molars, so the days are long right now... but my goodness... he is growing up so fast.

At the moment he is obsessed with balls, bikes, and bike helmets. He will spend hours wandering around the house with Cyan's new bike helmet on and claim that it is his as soon as she wants to use it (even if he was no where near it). He is certianly two... but it is so amazing to watch! I am loving two so far.

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Anonymous said...

My little girl loves the name Logan, and has a baby named that!