Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wonderful Books ~ a review

It is strange to say, but this is the best wordless book I have ever read. It is a beautifully done rendition of the making of a small community. The first page is of a baby girl being held by her mother and father in a dead grass covered back yard. The last picture is them in a lush and beautiful backyard (the same one) of the same girl with a baby of her own. The pictures in between tell a beautiful tale of hope, friendship, and community.

This book is wonderful! I had it out from the library so many times that I would get it back after having it for the limit, just to find a page marker I had left in it from the last time... so I bought it. lol! I figured it saved me a bit in late fees. She has so many great ideas and artistic pictures in here of a real home, being really used and creatively loved. Many of her ideas I already knew, but seeing them applied so well, esp along with her wonderful narrative, made an inspiring and beautiful book filled with great ideas that are easy to see in your own home.


Sadie said...

I enjoyed Home too. The boys and I looked through it for a long time noting all the differences in the was amazing how much of a story you could get from those pictures....

I read Amanda Soule's blog some...I've never looked at the book but I imagine it is inspiring

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

The Creative Family is one of my all-time favorites. After requesting my library to purchase it, borrowing it several times, and bookmarking almost all the projects, I now own it too!

Home sounds like a beautiful book, and I can't wait to check that one out too!