Sunday, May 31, 2009

Good Morning!!!!!

This is what Logan says every morning. This morning his variation was "Say 'good morning' mama... Say 'good morn-ing'." while sitting 2 inches from my sleeping face. LOL! This morning I was tired. I have had a kick your butt week and weekend and I was just tired. So that little trick didn't work at 6:55am. So he came in with cats. First Bo, then Samson... and then he pushed Taio down the hall to 'seep' with us. Bo and Samson, being the kittens that they are, decided that chasing each other around the bed sounded better, but by 7:15 Bo was sleeping on one side of me, and Taio was on the other side of Don. Samson was nowhere in sight. When Logan realised that his cat trick had failed, he moved on to stomping as loudly as he could in Cyan's riding boots saying "Good Morning!!!!!" around our bedroom. When Don asked him to go out and shut the door he said "But I need pet kitty!" and dashed to pet Taio... who started purring and lifted his tail in delight... right in Don's face. lol! When Don was insistent about him leaving and shutting the door he said "I Iron Man!!!" and ran out, SLAMMING the door behind him.... only to come back maybe 3 minutes later with a stocking cap pulled down over his face, one glove, Cyan's riding boots still on his feet and a very large, plastic harmonica.

I am up now. See me up?

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