Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alex's Potion Shop

Alex has spent the last week making a magic shop in his room. It is pretty adorable. He has a whole bunch of things in there that look ordinary, but have magical properties. Some of them are really inventive. Like last week he went out and collected rain water in a bottle. He calls it "last minute rain water". It was on sale for cheap because it's magical properties are unknown.

He had a simple piece of paper taped to his door that said that his shop was open, and I thought that for the work and time he has put in to his shop, that just wouldn't do. So I made him this sign:

It was very simple. I used a craft round from Micheal's and chalkboard paint. Then I drilled two holes in the top and hung it from thick brown ribbon. He loved it! I painted the other side as well. It currently says "Closed".


Tan Family said...

Terrific idea! I love the magic shop. :) Creative!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How fun! I love how the rain water was cheap because its magical properties are unknown. He is so creative! Does this have anything to do with that new series of books he's been reading?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Valerie: I'm not sure. I should ask him. Bad me. Got cold. Don't think strait.

The book he is reading is about bats though... called Silverwing.

BTW, your the awesomess friend ever. I got your care package today and you rock!


Crescent Moon said...

That is such a fun idea! He's very creative. I really like your sign idea too!