Monday, September 7, 2009

Oral Story telling... with children

It started the week we moved here and has continued on to become a tradition for the whole summer. About once a week we sit down to eat... and it is just a normal dinner time for the most part, except the kids ask me to tell a story. I will start whatever story and then ask the kids to add in bits so I can take a couple bites of the dinner I just made while it is still at least lukewarm. It has made a wonderful evening out of more than a few 'just so/so' days.

Up until tonight, Logan just sort-of listened, but tonight he was enraptured... He LOVED the story and kept wanting to join in saying "Me mama... pick me to tell 'tory!" Of course, I picked him. And it went something like this:

Me: "and then, Jack came back down the bean stalk and brought his mom the gold and the magical harp. They lived well on the money that he had taken, and they built a bigger house, and planted a big garden, and.... Logan, your turn."

Logan: "and den, de giant? He came into the 'darden and said 'fee fo fum' and 'ack said to his mama, 'mama! Get my gun!' and den Boom! And the giant was dead."

Me: "The giant is dead?"

Logan: "Yep. 'ack had a good big gun."


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hahah! what a cutie. that's a great idea (the storytelling), what a fun little tradition.