Sunday, November 1, 2009


Alex - ie: Snake Eyes. Costume was well earned this year. He worked hard for the money to get the costume he wanted, and I was excited it wasn't a black Ninja for once... until we opened the package. lol... oh well. It isn't ONLY a black Ninja. ;)

Cyan was an Indian Princess complete with Sari. She looked beautiful! We did Henna for both of our hands and feet the night before. I wish we had tested it out sooner, as it was messy and we didn't have enough time to really let it sit on there long enough, but it was beautiful anyhow.

And, last but not least, Logan the Dragon. He was so cute! Still recovering from his foot injury, he has been slow moving lately... well slower than normal. He started limping about halfway through trick or treating and we carried him. But he seemed ok with it. Quote from this morning "I 'ike getting candy from houses, Mama."

Some action shots:

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Sybille said...

Logan is so sweet as dragon!!