Sunday, November 22, 2009

Window stars and origami

Alex has been going crazy with the origami. He sold over $10 worth of his creations last weekend at the craft fair we went to. He is so good at it, and his work is beautiful and crisp.

I got him this book on Magical Window Stars for another paper folding activity, and he has loved making them so far! His first one was put in the nature case at the library to show the sun behind 'summer', and this is his second one:

He and I share the paper obsession. When he was little he used to like to make 'confetti'... which meant that he would take whole pieces of paper and cut them up into tiny bits, and then put them in a box or envelope. His paper crafts have grown with him and I am so proud of his latest works. They are beautiful and well done. He is becoming a master of folding paper and I am excited about having lots of Christmas decorations around the house made by him!


Tan Family said...

Beautiful window star! I'm looking forward to seeing more of Alex's creations.

Ellen said...

Love the color of that star - I think we have the same window star kit & book. Have to actually drag it out and make some. My daughter is very much into origami too (and other miniature crafts) - she wants to start to sell some of her items but neither of us really know 'how' to go about doing it.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We got lucky with a friend who was setting up a barter fair. I tried to get our homeschooling group to host one, but it didn't work out at all. I wish I could give you more concrete advice, but ours was really just pure luck. Good luck to you!



Sybille said...

Oh, this star is so beautiful!!

Teri said...

That's so funny. Joseph is obsessed with "paper engineering". He LOVES to make 3D paper effects. He can explore a pop-up book for hours (like Robert Sabuda's
The Star is beautiful!

Sadie said...

Those are stunning! I need to get Cale some kits and such....he has an origami kit but I think he needs a simpler one. He is very into paper crafts and needs a positive outlet for it other than cutting things to shreds :)