Saturday, November 7, 2009

Trip to the Almond Roca factory

Sometimes field trips turn out amazing... you get great experiences and learning opportunities, and the world feels like it opens up. And then you get the duds.

The Almond Roca factory was certainly a dud. Since 9/11 they don't actually allow tours anymore, they have NO pictures of the inside of the building or the process of making the candy (and I was told there was no way to find them except a tv show from the 70's), and they don't let anyone even look in the door. For a wonderful, local candy company to not even have a book of how the candy was made... well I was really disappointed.

The only thing we got was a tour through the Outlet building (which is only 11X11 ft wide, and filled with shelves of candy 'seconds') and a surly woman that liked to answer my questions, while interrupting me asking them. It was a very frustrating field trip.

But the prices on candy were good. We got some anyway.

Eat the candy. Don't ask questions.

The kids seemed ok with it.

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