Friday, December 11, 2009

The first ten days of Advent

I have not been the best one at keeping up with this stuff. I have been posting some of it on my other blog, but a few real life things have come up, and we have had to take a step back from a few things to be able to deal with them.

The Advent Activities are going really well though. We all are just LOVING doing the activity we find every day. Me as much as the kids!

Day 1: Yule log candle holder

Day 2: Trip to Mt Rainier

Day 3: Fantasy Lights and Hot Cocoa (link, no pics. Sorry!)

Day 4: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie the play (Link, no pictures were allowed)

Day 5: Recycled paper ornament balls

Day 6: Special chocolate (I was gone all day long)

Day 7: Cutting our tree with Daddy

Day 8: Beaded key chains for gifts (no pics)

Day 9: Teasel hedgehog ornaments

Day 10: Paper crane ornaments

Day 11: Waldorf paper stars

Alex was AMAZING at these stars tonight. He made tiny ones to go onto the tree... and then covered them in silver glitter. How cool is that?

That's it so far! We have been having a blast and really getting into each craft we have been making. The kids are loving being all crafty and motivated. They have made gifts for nearly everyone. I love the creativity it brings out in them. Cyan just made this awesome gift for a friend. Check it out here!



katie said...

I love your advent!!! Those stars are just dreamy. Did you make them yourselves? wow.

sarah in the woods said...

The Mt. Ranier picture is gorgeous and I love your little hedgie.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Merry Christmas!

Tia said...

WOW what great photos, and those stars are simply stunning !!!!! Thankyou for visiting our blog : and for your lovley comment ! We also have a homeschool blog is you want to pop by anytime:
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas :)