Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The last days of advent

12. Watching a Christmas movie with popcorn (We watched "Elf"... what a fantastic movie. So funny!)

13. Carmel apples

(We were not quite as scheduled in the next few days. A police officer in our area got shot. All of us PD families were in shock. It was the 8th police officer shot, and the 6th one to die in 2 months within 30 miles of me. We are still in recovery...)

14. Going to Zoo Lights with hot apple cider (didn't do)

15. Cereal box boxes for gifts (We used Valerie's stamp and sharpie technique for some of these)

16. Button bracelets (Didn't finish)

17. Painting recycled wrapping paper (That turned into making calendar pages into beautiful gift bags)

18. Pressed leaf glitter ornaments (no pictures)

19. Bird seed pincones

20. Chocolate dipped nuts and fruits

21. Recycled carol lanterns

22. Christmas cookies for neighbors

23. Paper snowflakes (Didn't do)

24. Wrapping gifts


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