Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shooting Monsters and Pop Guns (ie: Mom is brilliant)

I talked in this post about how Logan is obsessed with guns. This has not gone away as much as I thought it had. He has spent months now sleeping with his purple squirt gun. And I have resisted getting him another, even though his gun now is held together by bands of tape. lol!

For Christmas I got him these for his stocking to try to find a 'healthy' way to use that shooting instinct he obviously has so ingrained in his soul.

Around that same time, we got a rare treat. Alex was at his families in FL, and Cyan was staying two nights with friends... so we got time with JUST LOGAN! I don't think that has happened since he was a baby and it was a welcome blessing by all. To make the most of it, Logan got to make a lot of decisions that are normally up to 'committee'. We had lots of oven baked French fries, and a few meals of 'eggs'. ;) But it was fun.

One of these nights, Logan was running around shooting 'monsters' and I decided, lets not make a big family game out of this? So we sat down, and made monsters.

First Logan would draw.

Then Mama or Daddy would draw to make a monster out of Logan's drawing.

We spent both evenings completely taken over by monsters and having to shoot them:

"HAHA!!! I 'ot it!"

Notice the bottom of the tree has no ornaments on it... lol... I might have two kittens and a toddler.

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Anonymous said...

I love Logan's drawings! He is such a cute boy!